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Waterproof Membrane / Black General

JDHT BG-R self-adhesive butyl rubber root-resistant waterproof membrane with root-resistant polymer material as overlay, consists of butyl rubber modified bitumen as bonding material, covered with isolation layer, to achieve chemical and physical root-resistant. Applied together with BG-C butyl rubber non-curing waterproof coating may form a perfect waterproof system, features strong adhesion and unaltered.


1.Good durability;Concealed works can have the same life as buildings

2.Physical and chemical root-resistant, HDPE layer features physical root-resistant, while butyl rubber with additives features chemical root-resistant, to make materials more reliable;

3.Excellent adhesion to all substrates and surface layer, no seepage even if waterproof system partially damaged, lower further maintenance costs;

4.Applicable at wide temperature range, no slippage at 100℃, non-cracking at -40℃;

5.Raining season construction, wet substrates applicable, bondable in water, waterproof quality assured even working with water;

6.Low temperature construction, applicable at -20℃ without heating;

7.Low overall costs, achieve sound waterproof performance with single layer, lessen construction processes, protection layer not required, both cost and time saving.


Planted roofs


Application information

Surface preparation→Primer→Strengthen joint parts→ Positioning with ink line→Membrane Paving→Overlaping→Welding and sealing joints→Protective measures

Package & Storage


1.Store indoors at dry, ventilated place, protected from sunlight and rain, storage temperature not exceed 45℃;

2.Different types products must be stored separately;

3.Max. stacked 4 layers while horizontal placed, membranes prohibited to be stored inclined or crossed;

4.Handle with care during transport, storage and applying.

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