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Waterproof Membrane / Black General

JDHT BG-N weather-resistant self-adhesive butyl rubber waterproof membrane with PVDF overlay, consists of butyl rubber as bonding material, combine with isolation layer. Applicable with wet lay-up technique, or self-adhesive method.


1.Good durability, min. 25 years for exposed projects;

2.Excellent bonding properties, applicable with various substrates, including concrete, metal, tile, plastic, glass, etc. surfaces. May form micro-full-bonding with substrates, minimize the impact even if layer partially damaged, lower further maintenance cost;

3.Wide application temperature range, no slippage at 100℃, non-cracking at -40℃;

4.Raining season construction, wet substrates applicable, bondable in water, waterproof quality assured even working with water;

5.Low temperature construction, applicable at -20℃ without heating;

6.Low overall costs, lessen construction processes, protection layer not required, both cost and time saving

7.Easy maintenance;

8.Light weight waterproof material, optional colors available.


Railways, highways, airports

sponge cities, water conservancy projects

utility tunnels, prefab buildings, landscape engineering

shantytown renovations, real estate, etc

especially suitable for exposed waterproof projects

Application information

Surface preparation→Primer→Strengthening joint parts→Positioning with ink line→Membrane paving→Membranes overlapping→Joint parts Sealing→Protective measures

Package & Storage


1. Store indoors at dry, ventilated place, protected from sunlight and rain, storage temperature not exceed 45℃;

2. Different types products must be stored separately;

3. Max. stacked 4 layers while horizontal placed, membranes prohibited to be stored inclined or crossed, stack single layer while vertically placed;

4. Handle with care during transport, storage and applying.

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