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BG-G Butyl Rubber Waterproof Air Barrier

Black General

JDHT BG-G self-adhesive butyl rubber waterproof air barrier, with polymer membrane as cover, butyl rubber as adhesive layer, also covered with isolation materials. Applicable with self-adhesive method.


1.Good durability;Concealed works can have the same life as buildings;

2.Good air tightness, butyl rubber is the best air-tight, water-tight synthetic rubber, steam transmission rate is 1/200 compare with nature rubber; 

3. Excellent bonding properties, applicable with various substrates, including concrete, metal, tile, plastic, glass, etc. surfaces. May form micro-full-binding with substrates, minimize the impact even if waterproof system partially damaged, lower further maintenance cost;

4. Applicable at wide temperature range, no slippage at 100℃, non-cracking at -40℃;

5. Raining season construction, wet substrates applicable, bondable in water, waterproof quality assured even working with water;

6. Low temperature construction, applicable at -20℃ without heating.



1. Insulated roof at the area of latitude 40° and above, meantime indoor air humidity exceed 75%;

2. Other areas insulated roof with indoor air humidity exceed 80%;

3. Thermostatic roofs;

Application information

Surface preparation→Primer→Strengthening joint parts→Positioning with ink line→Air barrier paving (spot bond, strip bond) →Barrier overlapping→Joint part sealing→Protective measures

Package & Storage

1. Store indoors at dry, ventilated place, protected from sunlight and rain, storage temperature not exceed 45℃;

2. Different types products must be stored separately;

3. Max. stacked 4 layers while horizontal placed, membranes prohibited to be stored inclined or crossed;   

4. Handle with care during transport, storage and applying.

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