Liaoning Jiuding Hongtai Waterproof Technology CO., Ltd.


BG-B Butyl Rubber Waterproof Sealing Tape

Waterproof Tape / Black General

JDHT BG-B butyl sealing tape is a self-adhesive tape, with PVDF, aluminum foil film or stich bonded fabric as cover, consists butyl rubber as adhesive layer, release liner on underside, which is applicable for various substrates.


1.Practical, various types available for different projects;

2.Easy to use, portable, cost saving, good pertinence;

3.Wide range of applications, such as home decorations, waterproofing maintenance, large scale waterproofing joints etc.


Detailing sealing 

roofs, exterior walls, window frames, low pressure pipes maintenance. 

Application information

The contact surfaces of the tape must be dry, clean and free of materials that could impair adhesion.

Package & Storage

Cardboard box;

Store indoors, protected from sunlight and rain. Handle with care. Do not stackpallets of the tapes on top of each other, or under pallets of any other materials during transport or storage, storage temperature not exceed 45℃.

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