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BG-C Butyl Rubber Non-curing Waterproof Coating

Waterproof Coating / Black General

JDHT BG-C butyl rubber non-curing waterproof coating consists of butyl rubber modified bitumen and additives, features good adhesion and long term creepy. It has self-healing ability to the damage during construction. It can be combined with membrane, which may achieve the complementary advantages of coating and membrane, to make waterproof system more reliable. It’s also applicable for joints sealing.


1.Skin type waterproof system, prevent channeling by form micro-full-bonding with substrates, minimize the impact even if layer partially damaged, lower further maintenance cost

2. Low melt point, applicable when reach 120℃, improve construction efficiency;

3. Heat resistant, no flowing or sliding, held fast on vertical facades at 80℃;

4. Non-volatile solvent, low smoke and eco-friendly

5.Improve performance by form a waterproof system together with BG series butyl rubber membrane.


Planted roofs for industrial and civil engineering.

Airports, metros, sponge cities, water conservancy projects, utility tunnels and prefab buildings.

Buildings maintenance, deformation joints, settlement joints and other gap filling joints waterproofing.

Application information

Surface preparation→Coating→Membrane paving→Joint part sealing→Protective measures

Package & Storage

20kg, drum or cardboard box;

Store at dry, ventilated place, protected from sunlight and rain, stay away from flame during transport and storage, storage temperature not exceed 40℃.

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