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Two Components Polyurethane Waterproof Coating

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JDHT Two components polyurethane waterproof coating is a reactive waterproof coating formed from two components’ reaction, part A is polyurethane prepolymer, part B is a hardener. Mix part A and B at a certain proportion. After being stirred well, it is coated on the construction substrate, it forms a continuous, flexible and jointless waterproof film after curing.


1.Easy to apply, ready for use while two components mixed by a certain proportion;

2.High-strength, high elongation, high resilience (shrinkage and cracking) properties;

3.Excellent bonding property, applicable on various substrates;

4.Eco-friendly, contains no coal tar nor toxic solvents.


Basement floors

side walls and decks, roofs, kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools

railways and metros

Application information

1.Surface Preparation, surface must be dry, clean and crackless. Remove dust, sand, laitance or any other solid contaminants. All projections, rough spots, etc. should be dressed off to achieve a level surface prior to application;

2.Premix Part A and Part B components, mix the combined materials thoroughly by a certain proportion, one batch should be used up within 2 hours, allow coating to cure or until tack free before overcoating, it should be backrolled one perpendicular to the other to make the coating even;

3.Protective measures (concrete mortal)should be taken while waterproof layer has been applied.

Package & Storage

Part A 10kg/drum, Part B 20kg/drum;

Store indoors at cool, ventilated place, storage temperature between 5℃ and 40℃. 

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