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Spray Rapid Hardening Rubber Bitumen

Waterproof Coating / Regular Products

JDHT Spray rapid hardening rubber bitumen waterproof coating consists of Part A (high elastic rubber modified bitumen) and Part B (hardening accelerator), which features waterproofing, anti-corrosion and anti-seepage. It is easy and fast to construct, solve the leaking problem by spraying with special equipment on site to form a dense, continuous and complete waterproof coating.


1.Rapid hardening, load-bearing in 3~5 seconds;

2.One-time constructed;

3.Strong elongation and root-resistant and self-healing properties, applicable on irregular- shaped structure;

4.Applicable on wet surface;

5.Extreme high and low temperature resistant;

6.Coating is seamless, good adhesion with surface, no further channeling issue.


Utility tunnels 


Application information

Surface preparation→Detail processing→Spraying→Protective measures→Checking and re-painting

Package & Storage

50kg/plastic drum;

Store indoors at dry, ventilated place, stay away from flame during transport and storage, storage temperature not exceed 35℃.

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