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Polymer Cement Waterproof Coating

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JDHT Polymer cement waterproof coating is a polymerized cementitious protective coating. It consists of a rubber-like polymer liquid (Part A) mixed at the time of application with a cement aggregate blend (Part B).


1.Eco-friendly, non-toxic, odorless;

2.Applicable on various substrates, both wet and dry;

3.Excellent bonding property coupled with its ability to withstand building facades, inclined surfaces as well as decks;

4.Safe and easy to construct, time saving;

5.Good tensile strength and elastic performance, waterproof and weather-resistant;

6.Optional colors available.


Basement floors

side walls and decks, roofs, kitchens, bathrooms



Application information

1.Surface preparation, surface must be sound, dry and crackless, all projections, rough spots, etc. should be dressed off to achieve a level surface prior to application. Remove sand and standing water. Internal & external corners and pipe joints should be rounded;

2.Supporting materials reinforcement materials including polyester cloths, non-woven fabrics, glass fabric cloths etc.

3.Equipment, electric mixer, notched squeegee, scrubbing brush, roller and knife;

4.Application, place the liquid component in appropriate mixing container, add the powder while continuing to mix with a low speed, mix to a uniform consistency, allow coating to cure or until tack free before overcoating;

5.Color finish, apply top coating for optional color finish.

Package & Storage

Part A 20kg or 50kg/drum, Part B 20kg/sack;

Store indoors at cool, ventilated place, storage temperature between 5℃ and 40℃.

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