Liaoning Jiuding Hongtai Waterproof Technology CO., Ltd.


Non-curing Rubber Bitumen Waterproof Coating

Waterproof Coating / Regular Products

JDHT Non-curing rubber bitumen waterproof coating consists of rubber powder and asphalt as main raw materials, together with special additives, which features long-term retention of the creepy viscosity under application.


1.Never cure;

2.Strong creepy and self-healing ability;

3.Excellent bonding property, it can be applied on wet surfaces and applicable at low temperature;

4.Integrated with membrane to improve waterproof performance, no channeling issue;

5.Eco-friendly, no-fume.


Basement floors

side walls  

deck, roofs

Application information

Surface preparation→Positioning with ink line→Spraying→Membrane paving→Sealing the overlapping part→Protective measures

Package & Storage

20kg/drum or cardboard box;

Store indoors at dry, ventilated place, stay away from flame during transport and storage, storage temperature not exceed 35℃.

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