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142020-05Release Time

BlackGeneral series products brief introduction

Waterproofing industry has been circulated a sentence: "three points of materials, seven points of construction", and now, there is a new voice, is "seven points of material, three points of construction".Two kinds of views, each have their...

142020-04Release Time

Why Jiuding Hongtai is the first company of participants editing

LIAONING JIUDING HONGTAI WATERPROOF TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. participated in the editing of "Chinese building waterproof leak repair quota standard 2020 edition" ,because of years of research and development in the field of renovation investment and unrem

142020-03Release Time

Assist the construction of WuHan Leishenshan Hospital,JIUDING is in the resistan

At the beginning of 2020, the occurrence of novel Coronavirus and large area widely spread brought great challenges to the nation and people. In the face of the epidemic, national people have joined hands to fight against the virus. More than 30,000 doctors ha