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Our company products are widely used in all parts of buildings, from roofs to basements, and everything in between,from waterproof coatings to waterproof membrane, including all materials related to waterproofing projects

Airports & Pailways

We are very experienced in the field of transportation facilities, such as airports, railways, highways, subways, bridges and so on,we have many successful projects,we can provide complete solution and support for large scale projects

Government Urban Projects

We have participated in many government urban projects and national infrastructure projects design and provided materials, such as anti-epidemic hospitals, DAMS, water conservancy projects,pipe galleries and so on

Standard Products

We have leaded editing ,our company products have been become China Silicate society waterproof material professional committee set as the designated standard products.

About Jiuding Hongtai

Liaoning Jiuding Hongtai Waterproof Technology Company., Ltd, was established in 2013, 
registered capital is 101 million,located in Panjin city Liaoning Province,the location is ideal for chemistry industry, the traffic is convenient,10 kilometers away from seaport and has advantage of local petroleum resources .


Our main products are BlackGeneral butyl rubber series waterproof material,Polyurethane (PU) /Polyurea waterproof coating,High polymer self-adhensive waterproof membrane,TPO/PVC waterproof membrane and Polyurethane sealant etc new materials, and traditional SBS, self-adhensive/pre-paved/wet-paved/reaction adhensive etc modified bitumen series waterproof membrane;EVA/ECB/LDPE/HDPE/CPE etc high polymer series waterproof membrane;Rapid Hardening Rubber Spray / Non-curing/JS/Acrylic Waterproof Coating etc , four main categories in total, and over 100 different types of new environment-friendly waterproof materials.


Our products are widely used in Railways, highways, airports, sponge cities, water conservancy projects, utility tunnels, prefab buildings, landscape engineering, shantytown renovations, real-estate etc; waterproof,leakage-proof,dampproof, seepage-proofing,corrosion prevention projects...LOAD MORE

QINGDAO  Airport


QINGDAO Airport is located in the north of Qingdao city, about 23 kilometers away from the city center,Jiuding Hongtai waterproof technology CO.,LTD participated in waterproof construction design and provided waterproof materials in 2017.



JINAN Metro is one of our company service projects,we supplied company product High polymer self-adhesive membrane and Two Components Polyurethane Waterproof Coating,we also provide project solutions in 2017.

SHENYANG Building Project

SHENYANG Building Project

SHENYANG Building Project is one of the largest building projects,Jiuding Hongtai waterproof technology CO.,LTD provide waterproof technology support and waterproof materials in 2020.The project used our company product SBS Elastomer Modified Bitumen

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